In order to prevent the palletized merchandise to shift during transport, a dunnage bag is frequently used.  Altec®VOIDFILLER offers the same protection, but at a much lower cost. In addition, Altec®VOIDFILLER helps you to convert half-full pallets to a normal-size cubes, enabling you to stack all pallets the same way. The product is totally recyclable, and there are no staples and no valves.

We produce the wellknown Cartopal® cardboard pallets and pallet runners.  Cartopal® offers interesting solutions to companies trying to be active in a modern and nature-friendly world. There is more information at

The use of non-slip paper in order to prevent palletized goods to move during the transport has experimented a significant growth over the past years. Altec®KITKA offers taylormade solutions.

With Altec®KITKA you are able replace heavy corrugated sheets for interleaving, thus achieving a reduction of the total quantity of packaging material.

Other packaging solutions